DJAM Student Testimony: Monica Salazar Jimenez


Journalism student shares how DJAM has impacted her experience in both her studies and her future

            Current Digital Journalism and Media student Monica Salazar Jimenez is concentrating in visual media and under the advisement of Professor Michael Kitada claims her experience has been excellent! Professor Kitada specifically teaches within her concentration of visual media and specializes in photography and photojournalism. He teaches a variety of visual media courses including Introduction to Visual Media in which Monica states it

“taught me new skills and how to view my abilities in a new way.”

In an honorable mention Monica claims,

“Dr. Longinow and Professor Stew,” DJAM writing and broadcast professors, “have pushed me out of my comfort zone to get the better work out of me.”

The department of Digital Journalism and Media offers more than just supportive and encouraging professors, it also provides experiences and opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom such as an annual trip to Los Angeles.

“Through the L.A. trip I was able to interact better with others and see my specific vision! It impacted me because I now notice that I view the world very differently from others as we all have our own perspective.”

Monica experienced so much more through the DJAM trip to L.A. that what is already offered in classrooms, she gained real world experience and discovered something new about herself and how she views the world. As Monica would say “The Department of Digital Journalism and Media has been excellent!”