JOUR 488 Capstone Project: Collegiate Athletics and Mental Health

“College Athletics has always been viewed for the novelty of the young athlete and the amazing accomplishments they achieve. Whether this is winning a conference championship, becoming an All American, or making it to the Olympic trials such as Northern Arizona University cross country athlete Nico Young. However no one ever highlights the pressures, pain, and mental toll collegiate athletics does to young adults– especially in the year of 2022. Since March of 2022 there have been six collegiate athletes who have taken their lives under the noses of athletic administrators, family, teammates, and fans. However where onlookers see kids who do the unimaginable I see that they have been through the unbearable. This is why this talking about mental health is important. If I’m being truthful– I pray that someone somewhere sees this short documentary and knows that they are not in a minority group because they wear their sport on their chest. I want to change the direction that this generation is going in by talking about it openly and honestly through these interviews.” -Gigi Fierro